In our opinion one can never have enough storage space in your bathroom. So last weekend I decided to work on a little DIY project of my own.

Fed up with the lack of storage space in the bathroom I decided it was time to install some shelving.

I visited one of my local hardware stores and purchased a DIY shelving kit, hauled out my drill and got ready to work.

As I was aligning the shelving and the brackets against the wall I noticed the brackets that came with the shelving kit were skew, my shelves would have been sitting at an angle against the wall, causing anything I put on the shelf to slide towards the back.

Slightly irritated by the inconveniene of my skew wooden brackets I decided to use two of our VORMANN brackets instead, I know – should have used Vormann brackets to begin with, regardless, a few minutes later I had created a very level storage shelf for all of my bathroom bits and bobs.

Vormann brackets are stocked in a variety of colours and sizes (I went with white bracket for a clean look) you can follow the link here to view the August Vormann catalogues.

All in all i think the shelving turned out perfectly.